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Sound Quality

Now, this is what sold me on this thing to begin with. I play whatever sounds good and different. I picked one of these up at a Guitar Center one day and was floored by the sound through an amp. Not having the dough to buy the one I tried I had to wait and ended up ordering one off the net. (more later) I play this thing through a couple of Fender Pro Juniors or direct into a mixing board. I run it through anything from a Roger Linn Adrenalinn to straight w/ no efects. It's not noisy at all, in fact it sounds great.


So far as reliability I don't question it's gigging ability. It's built solid enough. Upgrading the hardware would turn it into a workhorse. The finish is tough looking and thick. I really like the redburst touch, it matches my Rick 360. After a set up and fret examination from a good luthier this mandolin will do nicely. The only thing close to shape and design on this is a Rigel and if you are familiar with prices there is no question on where to go. Sure there will be a sound difference for the money but this mando is good enough for the job.

General Comments

I've been playing over 20 years.

I have learned a lesson, actually I new the risk with buying sight unseen, but I will try before buying something like this again.

If it were stolen I would replace it with the same model after visually going over it for a quality check. IT does sound good. I love the design shape, color and the electronic set up. Perfect for alot of creativity.

I wish the workmanship was better in the fretboard area though.

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