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Sound Quality

Great sounds, Good for almost any playing style If you are not trying to nail the tube amp sound right on the head. It has lots of very usable sounds that I have found with some tweaking. You're not going to get A mesa or a marshall or soldano sounds out of this amp. What you will get is lots of room to build increadible sounds that you can call your own. The cleans and effects are absolutely amazing Crystal clear and does not break up at higher volumes. The jazz chorus setting will make you weep. Some distrtion sounds are usable.If you have played tube amps for a long time I recomend you dont get this amp. I am more sensitive to the sonic differences of these digital amps than I was when I first bought it. Back then I had only played solid state amps up till then. I had been playing since 1982 and solid state amps gave me everything I needed for my styles at that time. I walked into guitar center and played this thing and I was completly amazed. I had just auditioned for a recording artist and was hired to play for him. The crate amp I was playing at the time just was'nt versitile enough and I needed something that would cover a broader range of styles from classical rock to modern brit rock. This amp did it all so I bought it right then. It was great at first I rtemember playing a show at the old Bronco Bowl in dallas with several other bands. They were lugging all there equipment in. (half stacks huge pedel boards) I was already set up.Just amp foot controller and guitar after the sound check they were all gatherd around it staring and asking tons of questions about it. It felt really good. But I was dissapointed in what was coming out of the speakers it just did'nt sound good. In the house mains it sounded wonderful but out of the speakers flat and thin. I toured with and recorded with this amp for 5 years and people were always amazed except the rest of the band who were always hearing it straight out in rehersal. It wasnt until we were doing a television show and I had someone at the studio give me a video that I heard what was going on the studio was using Tube mike amps for the instruments and that is why it sounded so good. This convinced me that i needed to get a real tube amp to really make myself happy. I was hearing the small sonic differances that can drive you nuts. If you have always played tube amps and you really feel like you need this amp. I would reccomend you get a Line 6 Pod ProXT and run it through a Mesa are Marshall tupe poweramp into a cabinet. You will have the versitility the AX2 can give you but with A sound That wont hurt youre ears. I still did'nt learn my lesson and 6 months ago I bought the Line 6 Flextone III XL because the reviews were saying they had finally gotten it right.I sold it 2 months ago and bought a Marshall DSL 100 tube half stack. Finally the tone I needed,not even half as versitile as the AX2 but it sounds great. If you are a new musician or prefer solid state or digital sound I highly reccomend this amp. But not for the tube purist. (I am not one but I know what sounds good to me) I have had to buy numerous pedals to get the versitility but its worth it.


I toured, recorded (live and in the studio) And did television both live and prerecorded for 5 years with this amp and never had a backup. This amp and footboard NEVER went down on me. The only time it was ever in the shop was after I tried to upgrade it my self with a new chip and wasnt properly grounded (I fried the chip) Line 6 gave me a new chip free of charge and had it installed for me even though it was my fault.

General Comments

I've been playing for 21 years now. (geez am I that old?) before this amp I had many solid state amps. Peavey, Marshall, Randall and a few others I dont even Remember Oh yeah I had a couple of Crate amps to.

This is a good value in the get what you paid for catagory. It served me well but I Wont get another line 6 amp except maybe the new SpiderII Head but only for its clean sounds and I would A/B it into my Marshall cab Just for clean sounds because Line 6 got those right.

I do use a Line 6 DL4 and MM4 modeler pedels with my tube rig so I am not dissing their products. The pedels merely Delay or Modulate my guitar signal before it reaches my tube signal path. I do not use the effects loop.

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