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Sound Quality

I have an Epiphone SG Special into a dinky Marshall CD100 amp. I have a vintage Fender amp head, but I need $500 for some amp cabinets. The Epiphone cannot sustain a note very long at all so it's extremely difficult on some solos. There is some background noise, but that is from the guitar I think. The pedal is amazing. It can sound like echo, wah, and sometimes it makes the guitar sound far away. I don't have other pedals with it because my Wah pedal broke and my overdrive isn't working either, for reasons not linked to the manufacturer. I'm not patient enough to try to get the sounds of artists. I just do my own thing. I bought it to play Sober from TOOL, but I'll have to tune my guitar from dropped C and I'm too lazy to do that now.


It's BOSS. I rely on it. I can't afford a backup, but I wouldn't get one anyway.

General Comments

I ove it and if it broke I would buy another one of the exact model, or I'd probably get the new BF-3, it's the same but better.

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