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Sound Quality

I use this with a 79 Strat, a Japanese Tele and a P90 loaded LP Jr. style guitar. It goes into a Marshall EL84 20/20 Power Amp with a Lexicon MPX-1 in the FX loop and ending up in a CLS stereo 2x10" guitar wedge cab. Excellent range of Marshall sounds with excellent crunch on the OD-1 setting, although OD-2 is a bit too "metal" for me for most things. Clean sounds are great Clean 1 is nice and round and warm while clean 2 is nice and bright with a good brittle edge. With the gain up high the clean channels just start to distort nicely while OD-1 gives me great 60's overdrive sounds. Sometimes a little too distorted even with the gain low on high output pickups but backing off the guitar volume sorts this out. I don't understand the lack of knowledge shown by some of the reviewers - they do not have the slightest idea of what they are talking about - this is a valve pre-amp with solid state control circuits (ie. not in the signal path) with op amp buffers. I can see no distortion circuitry in the op amp buffers. An original Marshall amp uses TWO pre amp tubes plus a phase splitter. Their loss! A great sounding Pre Amp.


Has been very reliable - no problems in 9 years.

General Comments

Superb for Marshall sounds - all of them in one programmable rack unit.

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