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Sound Quality

My main axe is a Yamaha RBX-370A (active p/j bass) through a Pro Audio 250W 1x15 combo. I also have a DOD Envelope Filter. As with single coils, they hum- when i use the chorus with any hint of my Bridge J pickup it starts to chorus the hum. It gets annoying, but at preforming volumes people who i've asked in the audience say they can't hear it.


Well lack of money first attracted me to DOD (pedals are very expensive in Australia). I've been very happy with my DOD pedals thus far, none of them have failed me and they've survived drops and heavy stompage.

General Comments

I play jazz/funk/fusion/acid and alternative/rock stuff- the chorus is great for my jazz solos- there's heaps of clarity and definiton. I find it useless for rock, it just gets lost in the mix of loud guitars and drums (unless a crank the chorus depth and speed effect). Overall, I like this chorus and with the same amount of dosh I'd buy it again. But If an extra $100 went into my pocket I'd get the Boss version.

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