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Sound Quality

There have been issues with the sound quality of this unit. While I agree that the unit makes a bit of noise, with tweaking this product I was able to acheive some very addictive sounds. I happen to like the distortion very much. I was able to get a very tight sounding distortion with a warm deep feel to it. I played this unit through a Peavey Classic Chorus 212 and used a varity of Yamaha/Ibanez guitars through it. Also played Carvin and ESP through it. The main guitar used with it and while I was tweaking the sound was a Yamaha 610M studio guitar with EMG-89 pickups.


Reliability? You'd think a German built it.

General Comments

This is definately a useable item. It may not be the best to

recommend to a person spoiled with the new floor mount processors.

Mine had a delay that would get on my nerves when switching patches.


Other than that, it was a most excellent processor. A shredder would

appreciate to tinker with.

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