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Sound Quality

I run a frankenstein chain a slash sw-95 wah to a tube screamer,ds-1 distortion, to the rp5 then a smartgate to my amps, and get great results. the only noise I have ever got is through the higher gain settings. Most of the effects are pretty strong and you can go from a full bluesy sound to heavy metal with it. My amps are a crate gfx-212, a marshall master lead 30 and a peavey chorus 212.


Never had a problem with it only reset to factory once, I bought mine off of ebay cheap(95 model) my dad has had one for 10 years and only reset his once. I would use it and have used it without a backup but that is part of the reason with my other stompboxes.

General Comments

Variety classic and southern rock, blues,80's-90's rock/metal, christian contemporary/rock. Over 20 years of playing. Yes I would replace it with another and have been thinking of bidding off a couple more just to have around. I love the ease of it. Not much comparison. a expression pedal but the 6 and 7 do. It only Helps.

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