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Sound Quality

my setup is gib es 335 67,sg ,fender strat deluxe, the unit is very quait. only the flange is a little bit disapointed.(not serios at all) i use it direct to p.a (with built in cab sim)and its great...... if you like the mesa boogie or frank gambale(my favorite king of guitar)sound go and buy one. i had a lot of eqipment in my 13 years of profesionl playing9(t.v studio.and shows)like boss multi,me5,6,8,10,30,50.,gt,3,5,6, boss vf 1.roland gp 100,16,all digitech pre-amps & multi"s and i allways go back to the rp 5 because is warm sound.


my unit work very very hard 10 years of reliable use(5 days a week) and never have a little problem.. no need any backup

General Comments

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