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Sound Quality

I'm using this pedal with a Crate GX-15 - My settup is: BF-2 Flanger, PH-2 Phaser, GE-7 Equalizer, MT-2 MetalZone. The MetalZone is the most popular and most purchased distortion pedal by Boss - everyone knows this. But you can make MT-2's heavy grunge into even heavier and more ultra grunge / mesa like sounds with the Equalizer. After you turn off your GE-7, the MT-2 seems a bit flat - as if these two pedals were meant for eachother! The most popular combination according to everyone is the MT-2 and the GE-7. Go out and buy it!


What does BOSS stand for? INDESTRUCTABLE!

General Comments

I play all types of rock. This definitely meets up to my needs and demands. If you're looking for a good Creed sound, hook this up w/ the MT-2 and get a grunge setting on the MT-2, set the GE-7 (My fav. setting) to 100=15+, 200=0, 400=0, 800=15-, 1.6k=0, 3.2k=15+, 6.4k=15-. Best stompbox Graphic Equalizer in all of the land!

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