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Sound Quality

I really like this pedal cause I can get a real fat meaty sound fairly easy. I usually use the Meat/Blend knob at 12 because on the lower strings A and E, and even B on a 5 string it can have some small tracking issues, not bad just a bit. Having the blend about 50/50 keeps the sub tracking errors hidden. This effect is more felt than heard so this is really not a problem. This is where this effect really shines, with an amp/PA that can handle it, it can really rumble a room. I also use this pedal alot when I am doing short staccatto funky lines on the E and A string. I turn the Meat knob up a bit more to 1 oclock and boost the Lbs/volume. The bass then almost sounds like it is doubled with a low tuned bass drum, lots of kick. However I have to keep the notes fairly short or the tracking issues are heard. So if I need to play some sustaining notes I just kick it off for those. One the higher notes it really sounds much like other Octave pedals, great dubbling effect, when playing the D string it sounds like you are also playing the E string, really full sounding. This pedal really shines on the lower strings though, other octave pedals can't track at all on the notes this one can. The use of a compression pedal really works well with this pedal. The pedal also has 2 outputs; dry and effected. These are nice because I like to run Distortion on the dry signal, since distortion can get a bit crazy with the sub harmonic signal. But there are uses for that too, it can do some cool noisy buzzbox crazyness when combined with Distortion on the effected output. As a couple of the other reviewers stated this pedal works well also on regular guitar. I love it on my drop C tuned Tele. I turn the Meat knob to 3 oclock and boost Lbs and it is great for rumbly note runs.



General Comments

Probably my favorite Bass pedal. Really makes my pedal stand out of the mix, and does exactly what the pedal says; Adds Meat to your sound.

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