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Sound Quality

I have used my sgx 2000 with varius nstruments {ncluding les paul studio ibanez sg series,fender strato and more} and with marshall ,laney and ketner amplifiers,or even conected direct to a pc. I must say it extremely quiet{very low noise}. Effects sound from good to exellent{very good compressor,chorus flanger reverbs}. Distortion is very good ot ...The use of a tube really boost up my sound and even when i wanted my unit to produce extreme metal sounds{denfanetly not its field}it did great... I also used it combined with the sans ampgt2 and it gave me great results. Whats bad?Delays sound so digital and that has an effect to the general devices character and sound...and emm...if you do not like digital sound...up to a point you will be dissapointed.I presonally loved the way it works with effects and distortion.


I can surely count on my sgx2000 for reability.I bought mine used, model of 1991{thats 12 years old}And not even a button was not on great shape. I have used it in numerous gig even with a bad pa and never let me down....

General Comments

I mostly play ambient music so i always buy new equipment to replace something that does not do its work good .MY surrent setup is

art sgx

behringer dsp8024 31band eq

line 6 echo

sans amp gt2

ibanez chorus and delay pedals

original cry baby.

I also use this setup in a funk band i do play in and I am sutisfied.

If something happens to my sgx i will try to track down an other one.

Eveything else i have owned so far is replacable i believe.


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