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Sound Quality

Makes tracks sound great.



General Comments

This plugin is well worth the cost. It's always stable and takes little of my time to shape up a track. Perfect for what it's supposed to do. If you're not a big tweaker like me, you'll be very pleased, and naturally, if you are a tweaker, you'll love it too.

Reviewer's Background

I play guitar mostly, and a little of everything else. Right now, my recording setup is revolving around Acid Pro 4, so I use an M-Audio Duo Preamp/recording interface which goes into a Roland CDX1. I use the preamp to boost the db quality of the tracks, then burn a cd of tracks to be loaded into Acid. This plugin works great! I bought my software from Musician's Friend when they had dropped the price of the Acid Pro bundle, and the BBE plugin was only $50 less than the other software, so I figured why not get it? I'm glad I did. Currently I'm using a Toshiba Satellite laptop, 2.66ghz Intel processor, 7200/40gig HD, Win XP. I haven't had any problems loading separate tracks and pasting them together, and my system has no problem running multiple plugins and lots of audio tracks.

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