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Sound Quality

I play almost every style, but mostly hard bluesy stuff. The humbuckers do their job very well. No noise, they feed back only when I want them to, and they sound great. It basically sounds like any Les Paul type setup as it should. Sustain is about as good as you can get with passive p'ups. No noise when switching. The jack was a little loose and noisey, but a simple tightening fixed that. I'm sure a pair of Duncans would improve the sound slightly, but not $200 worth. Also, there is steel wire painted into the electronics cavity for noise shielding. It's seems to work, but I'd think that copper foil or lead paint would be more reliable. The volume and tone pots work fine, but I'd like to upgrade the tone pot sometime in the future. Just to suit my personal tastes.


I would have no problem playing live with this guitar. It looks to be as reliable as anything I've ever played. Very well constructed. The strap buttons have standard size screws, and, like most guitars, will eventually come loose if you sling it around enough. I don't plan on doing any of that. The Gotoh tuners stay where they're supposed to under heavy bending. Gotoh makes a fine tuning machine right up there with Grover and Schaller. The gold is starting to wear off of them, but that's expected with heavy use. Not a complaint, just the way it is. I wouldn't gig a solid titanium guitar with unbreakable strings without a backup. This guitar is solid, and it's not going to fall apart on me, but accidents do happen, and I like to play it safe.

General Comments

I've been play for 13 or 14 years and I've owned many Strats, a Les Paul, a B.C. Rich Gunslinger, a Warlock a few acoustics of varying quality, and lots of crappy electrics. This Samick is now my main guitar. I use it for everything that reqires a Les Paul/PRS-type tone, and it does the job very well. I can't say enough about the stock pickups. If it were lost or stolen, I'd consider buying another, but I'd go for a plain finish at a lower price. Photo is good from far, but far from good. It plays and sounds like a Gibson, but it's just not quite a Gibson....and it's also not $2000.

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