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Sound Quality

I like this amp because you can get a wide range of sounds out of it. I can't tell ya about the distortion because I use a Boss DS-1 pedal which is nice. It is pretty loud when played by itself it is a little hard to hear over drums and a powerful bass amp.


Extremely reliable. Durable as hell.

General Comments

Overall, for the price this amp is freakin great! I don't think I would pay $200 but if you can find one of these used pick it up. I've heard the built-in distortion is crappy but I don't know because I don't use it. The clean is nice and so is the reverb. I've only been playing for 7 months. I compared this to the Marshall MG30RCD and I liked the marshall but it didn't give the sounds I wanted. I play mostly punk and metal. I wish it had an FX loop. If it were stolen I would be pissed because I could never afford to get a nice amp again. I was on a strict budget of $120 and this was a godsend.

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