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Sound Quality

It sounds pretty good, considering it was very cheap. I think it has a solid top, but not sure. The edges of the f-holes look like a solid top.


All of the hardware has decent chrome on it. I am a beginner on mandolin, so I will be using this as my only mando. It does not have an adjustable truss rod, so I will watch the neck very carefully. I read on the internet at www.jaybuckey.com that you should use light gauge strings, and change them about every 3 months if the mando does not have an adjustable neck.

General Comments

I am new at mandolin. Have played guitar for over 15 years.


Once I learned how to tune it, and the strings settled down, it stays in tune fairly well. Action is good. The bridge is compensated, but I may get a better one that is made of better wood.

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