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Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

The sound leaves a lot to be desired. Throw away the Squier amp, straight out of the box. It offers you a bland, plain clean tone, and an absolutely unlistenable distorted noise. Mine developed a buzz in the speaker after 2 weeks. It is crap. When the guitar is played through a decent amp, it doesnt sound too bad. The pickups are bland, the neck and middle are totally indistinguishable. The bridge pickup is a entertainingg imitation of a real fender pickup.


I don't think its made for live playing. It will stand up as a learning tool. It's been dropped with no consequences. I'm starting to see wear in the frets. If i was in a band i would use this as a backup, play a mexican strat as a first guitar. But overall, it is tough....its not fragile at all.


General Comments

Well, heres the thing. In comparison to an American made Fender, a Gibson or an Ibanez, this guitar is crap. But for the money, i think, this is the best learning instrument money can buy. It will take your abuse without consequence, it can be upgraded to sound decent, and best of all, you can buy it without taking a second job. I would recommend buying just the guitar, and buying a decent (genuine fender) amp separately. If this guitar was stolen, i would track down the thief, and break the guitar over their head. If you're looking to try playing guitar for the first time, this is for you....if you can play and your looking for a better instrument, save your cash for an American Fender/Gibson.

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