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Sound Quality

My setup is: Jackson Guitars ( I have 2 ) with EMG Pick ups, Peavey Amp Studio pro 112 EFX LOOP Send ( with Distortion ), Ge-7 Boss Equalizer,Zoom 507 only for Delays and Reverbs , Boss CD-3 Digital Dimension, Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor, Return to the Amp.I firstly bought a Equalizer of another manufacturer because I heard that it helped on minimizing noises and hums, but then I discovered that This Equalizer Pedal is absolutely essential on my effects setup. The GE-7 is a great Equalizer to use, because it gives you 7 EQ Bands, and this is one of the reasons I hate using these "Poli effetcs" racks and prefer by far using Good old Boss Pedals for the most part, Because as far as I know most of these Multi Effects have equalizer of only 3 band. I consider this to be the most Important effect I use after distortion, it Improves a LOT the raw guitar distorted sound if you use it properly. get this one before thinking about any other effect !!!


General Comments

I play Metal Music and I think this is a essential fearture for anyone playing this style. If properly used, imagine that The sound of your distorted guitar wihtout this pedal sounds like a vinyl sound and with the pedal working on, it turns to sound like a CD sound ( sorry for my poor english, I am foreigner )

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