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Sound Quality

I use a custom left-handed acoustic with a Fishman Matrix.Fishman being notoriously brassy, this unit had the ability to add some warmth to the overall tone. Coupled with my Trace Acoustic amp which is wonderful, allows for multiple tonal options.Effects do tend to be noisy when level gets pushed. The delay settings are very subtle but the delay options on TA amp make up for it.


No problems with construction or electronics as yet. Chassis feels like steel construction ,so I feel fairly confident.

General Comments

From fingerstyle to heavy strumming...Some settings tend to clip during heavy strumming but compression setting can be adjusted accordingly. Havn't noticed appreciable difference with notch filter as yet but again, TA amp covers that as well. This pedal was an impulse buy with zero prior knowledge of it's capabilities. While it has it's minor drawbacks, for the $$ I'd recommend it.

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