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Sound Quality

I originally bought this to track bass lines with a guitar for 4track demos, setting the dry signal to almost zero and the octave signal way up thru my clean channel, and it works GREAT! This will give you a really clean present punchy bass sound that WILL fool your friends. However I later got to goofing around with it and found it really useful for dirty guitar leads, too. Sounds great either by mixing in just a little octave to thicken it up or by mixing them 50/50 for a super gnarly growly nasty RROOAARR! Lots of fun and very musical, doesn't destroy your basic tone but will make it a bit nastier. One thing tho, don't even bother playing chords thru it, it won't track that at all and will sound like abso crap(who knows you might like that) But for single note stuff it's great. Oh yeah, almost zero noise too.


Never had any problem

General Comments

If you want a true harmonizer look into a Boss Harmonist or Digitech Whammy series. If you want a little extra thickness here and there this is a great way to get it in your leads-- just remember, bends sound a little weird and chords sound extremely weird.

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