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Sound Quality

Low E a bit dull, but otherwise bright and loud. I've been a player for the last 35 of my 50 years and like the sound. I find myself using my right hand to dampen the sound and it works well.


I will be using this live in the near future, it seems worthy. The tuners are smooth and seem to hold well. Fit and finish are fine.

General Comments

For the money, a fun addition to my batch of toys. I have a Gibson CL-45, a Liberty Copperhead resonator, a '61 Gretsch Clipper, a mid-70's Tele and a P-bass for home recording. I like this instrument quite a bit, it's fun to play and stays in tune. It's fun to finger pick and loud. I never have played a 6 string banjo before and sort of took a risk on this one. I'm not disappointed. If it were lost or stolen, I'd probably buy another, unless I had an unexpected windfall..the I'd buy a Deering. I think it's a good instrument for the money.

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