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Sound Quality

I play a 83 Gibson explorer with a duncan dist in the bridge and a pearly gate up front in the neck,and a modified fender strat with one duncan custom in the bridge.(and soon hopfuly a new Gibson smartwood exotic those things are bad)and my current setup--cp-9 ibanez compressor--digitech whammy--dod grind--fz-2 boss fuzz--ge-7 boss eq--bf-2 boss flanger--ps-3 boss pitchshifter/delay--and the famous mxr phase 90 through a jcm 900 50 watt 2x12 combo and a rockman 12 band eq in the effects loop.I have heard some people say that it has no tone but i can get damm good tone out of it.gilmour tone with some slight delay,but only when you play lead cause when you hit a chord its pure thrash.Even you KoRn kids would like this thing.Im more of a oldschool hardcore fan.but I like some of the newer stuff(soulfly,Nothingface,slaves on dope, dope) basically Thrash. Anyways I give it a 9 it would of been a 10 but its kind of noisy


this thing is a tank in the palm of your hand

General Comments

its good for me

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