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Sound Quality

I use a Fender Stage 160, a Tech 21- 60 watt, or a 50 watt Music Man RD-110- they all sound great with the TS-5. No extraneous noise at all. If you like Leslie West- Duane Allman fat, full, Les Paul sound with chime-bell like tones you'll love the modded TS-5. I also blend with light chorus at times, or slight delay- I don't like a lot of heavy tainted sound. I think this pedal would sound good with most any amp. It won't break mirrors- or cut heads off- go grab a DS-1 or some shred pedal for that; but if you really tasteful,full tone- go get a cheap little TS-5 and get it fixed!


I've got about 10 pedals- most Ibanez- haven't had any trouble in about 20 years- don't expect any. I'm not extremely careful with mu junk, but I don't toss it either. Good stuff- wellbuilt- should last a long time. Aren't big battery eaters either.

General Comments

I play blues. rock, country, & oldies- this works well with all type music. I use a '59 Les Paul with only light reverb, light delay or chorus,and the TS-5. I play thru 50 to 160 watt 1x12" combo amps, in a band about 2-3 weekends a month. I have about 7-8 distortion/boost effects pedals and this one is now #1 since modified. If some idiot stole it. or it was lost, I'd call my music store and order another just like it. Hey- these are inexpensive plastic pedals, but they've got the same innards as these TS-808's that nuts are paying $600 for. All I know is I've got 5 Ibanex dist.pedals,3 Boss, 2 DOD- the little plastic TS-5 rules! It is the sound monkey!I've played over 30 years and worked many major concerts as opening act in the south- this pedal is all you need- trust me!

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