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Sound Quality

Great sounding piece of gear. I cannot understand those who craps on the sound that this unit is capable of putting out. I've played the guitar for 17 years and know what good tone sounds like, and this thing can definitely make some serious tone. Covers everything from crisp clean clear bluesy tones to the full hard core shredding metal sound that you need. I have a feeling that lots of the reviewers that crap on this unit knows little or nothing about setting up their gear for good sound. I pity the bunch of you... If you can't make good sound with the JMP-1, you might as well give up playing the guitar and sell all your equipment to folks that know how to use it right. And by the way. The JMP-1 is a TUBE AMP as opposed to what some of you claim. Just check with Marshall folks and if you know a little bit about circutry and electronics, you will see it from the wiring diagram.


Had mine for 3 years now and had no problems with it. It is built like at tank.

General Comments

Built like a tank and sound excellent.

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