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Sound Quality

Surprisingly the sound is pretty good for the type of rock I play. (hard melodic rock). I am a notorious pickup changer/experimenter having spent $1000s on pickups over the years, yet, I didnt bother to change these. I found that they had a unique character that I might be able to use. I especially like the lead tone I get with these thru my old line 6 POD. Not my favorite sounding guitar I own but usable for my recording projects when I need a little different flavor for my solos.


Its made of wood. It will outlive anybody who reads this (with or without its paint).

General Comments

While its not the only GOOD cheapo guitar in existence, it is certainly one of them. I can recommend GIO's to anyone on a budget. Will I get rid of my Ibanez JEM or Gibson LP to play this one exclusively? hahaha. Not sanely, but it is a very good guitar as long as you set it up right.

Some entry level guitars out there are an embarrassment to the industry.

Ibanez does entry level right with the GIOs.

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