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Sound Quality

I've played this amp through almost every guitar: Fender 72 tele thinline, Gibson SG's, Gibson Les Pauls, numberous Fender Strats/Teles, Custom made ibanez guitars, shitty Squiers, acoustics... etc, no matter what, the amp always sounds like crap strained through an ass. I've tried almost every kind of pickup, from Soap-bar P90s, Lace Sensor Reds and silvers, and numerous Humbuckers... no matter what it's still no better than crap strained through an ass. Supposedly with this amp I am offorded the same tube tone of all the great amps of the past to present. In reality you just get a bunch of half-assed sounds that never compare in any way to the originals--whatsoever. I've played many of the amps that the AX2 models side by side to this junk and there is absolutely no comparison to the originals: TubeTone software is a gimmick. I'm selling this one on ebay as we speak for dirt cheap (because that's all it is worth). And to think, I actually traded a Marshall JCM2000 TSL head for this shit (definately my worst decision of my entire life) Luckily, I recently bought a Sovtek Mig and am running it through a Marshall 8222 2x12... it sounds like a dream to say the least.


Piece of freaking junk. The channels randomly decide that they should be somewhere else rather than where I need them to be. The floorboard... oh my god that thing is a piece of crap. The wah pedal never even worked right out of the box! And not to mention that I've had to replace the foot switches atleast twice for each switch, and they're still breaking left and right. I've never used it rough and it's never seen a gig (like I would ever take that thing into public anyway)... and yet it still breaks from gentle use. Atleast I've learned one thing from this amp: I will NEVER EVER buy a solid state amp ever again, and ESPECIALLY will I never buy a modeling amp EVER AGAIN. Modeling amps are the downfall of society.

General Comments

I've been playing for about 7 years now and this is definately the worst decision of my guitar playing years. If it were lost or stolen I would celebrate and rejoice, and then i'd go out for a nice Fender Super Deluxe Reverb. I absolutely hate this amp 100%. I WOULD NEVER, EVER RECOMMEND TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON THAT THEY BUY THIS AMP...I WOULDN'T EVEN RECOMMEND RECEIVING IT AS A GIFT... Stay away from this amp at all costs. I wonder how the auction is going on ebay.

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