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Sound Quality

Dude the tone on this thing sucks. Just outs like a regular solid state amp just with a whole lot of effets and differest eq settings.


this thing has a mind of its own. the volume and tone will just drop durring play at high volumes (sometimes). it'll sound completely different through different trical input jacks. very inconsistant tone. settings can be erased or changed very easily on accident. i havnt giged w this thing yet, but i've been told that it SUCKS live. good for recording though. i wouldnt even want to use this thing live at all.

General Comments

I'll tell you the really cool things about this amp: the stereo chorus, stereo delay, the tremolos are AWESOME! The wah and the expression pedals are cool. you can assign delay, tremolo, chorus, and flange speed to the expression pedal. Has a noise gate which is cool, but if you over tweak it, you will loose tone like a mofo. Oh and it has very nice reverbs. So the features are very nice on this amp, but features are all it has. What good are all those nice features when the tone sucks, and its unreliability?

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