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Sound Quality

Before the upgrade there were a couple of very cool tones that I really liked. I lost them with the upgrade and the new chip has a more processed vibe to it. Be careful before you say that this thing gets 98% of the tone of the modeled amp. You may think so as long as you don't have a plexi or a good deluxe reverb to A/B with it. It gets OK sounds and a lot of them but it sure doesn't sound like a real plexi when you have one in the same room. I would say that these models are around 60 to 70 percent of the real amp.


No you cannot depend on it. The first time I took it out it started "cycling" through the presets on its own and wouldn't stop. It was never abused or even knocked around.

General Comments

These amps are basically computers with speakers. After you realize that they don't really sound as good as you thought they did, Line 6 comes out with a new version and tells you that they have worked out all of the issues and THIS time it is the real thing. Your old unit then becomes a boat anchor and if you are as dumb as I am, you fall for that BS and buy a new product (in my case a POD PRO which had problems right away). Also, this was the "last amp" you would ever have to buy because Line 6 could upgrade the chip whenever improvements were made. Now they are discontinued and the Vetta is the new flagship. Vetta users get ready, very often history repeats itself.

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