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Sound Quality

The sound quality on this unit is amazing. I have mine going into a JBL MPX300 THX power amp and out in stereo to Celestion 4x12 cabs. I can get great acoustic settings with my single coil bridge pickup. There are some nice preset acoustic settings and I found a “martin” patch on the web that has a pretty close nylon sound. The SGX is a step away from being a guitar synth. The really cool thing is I can go from a detuned low dark metal crunch to a “Roland JC120” with the click of a foot pedal. The unit is incredibly quiet if you want it to be! There are some great classic Fender amp patches that have just enough hum to make it sound like you are playing through a 61’ Blackface. I talked to a few people that thought it didn’t have enough distortion, they are way wrong, the tube pre-amp delivers more than enough punch to play anything from Korn, Seputora or Chet Atkins. If you buy it the X-15 footpad is a must. I get any wah wah sound you can think of and you can control any other variables with the (2) pedals on the foot controller.


I have never had a problem with this unit. But if I did the factory reset take seconds and you can save all of your sounds off board on your PC or disk.

General Comments

I play Metal and Fusion I can get any sound I want out of my SGX. I would strongly suggest run it directly into a super clean power-amp then into some 12s. My guitar sounds as clean as my CD player zero hum. Plus the set-up allows me tons of headroom with 300 watts per side. If my SGX2000 was stolen I would buy another one that next day. There is no other unit ever made that is so flexible (a little Stevie Vai reference).

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