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Sound Quality

I've been using 2 guitars: maison with 2 HB, and a Guild B.May model. Different amps. With the Hughes & Kettner Attax 100W the zoom doesn't work good on the "effect input". It's better on the normal/brilliant input. It's a bit noisy connected ti the amp, but just a little. Nothing if compared to other effects in 1991. With the zoom I can reproduce similar effects/sound as Brian May. The distortion isn't very good. I use the ampli. gain. The "Cry" is an "automatic wah wah". I use the CryBaby pedal. The compressor and all the other effects are good. There are 2 delay effects that give a "Stereo Sound" on 2 channels if connected to a stereo recorder, or a stereo amplifier. The "metal" sound, if set up, is very similar to the Queen song "Headlong" guitar sound. Rating:10 in 1991 if you consider the cost/quality relation. in 2004 the rating could be a 8. Today it's a good effect box (7), and still is a good pre-amp for house recording (9). ( I used the zoom to record traks directly into the PC). Clearly it's not an multi-amplifier emulator.


the battery gives troubles, so I use the power supply connected.

General Comments

I play rock '70's/80's

I don't know if I would re.buy it. Maybe today there are boxes with similar effects + other things in the same box (pod).

I love him 'cause it's easy and fast to set up. You can use it in different way: to play for fun, to exercise, to record, on stage. On Stage it miss a footswitch (it was an optional). It has a "handswitch". You can put it on the guitar body, it has 4 buttons.


Years ago I could sell it, but I took it with me. It don't need a Rack unit to be taken around and you use 2 seconds to plug in.


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