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Sound Quality

i use it with a les paul custom, les paul dc, american strat, and 7-string guitar. my band covers alot of different sound inside rock music so i need alot of different tone. this one is the only one that i have played that can do it all in one unit. i have played all the big ones: mesa's, other marshall's, vox, etc, they all sound good but if you do not have the money to buy them all or do not want to have to carry 12 amps to a gig this will solve the problem. not too noisy but does have a little noise on the distortions but no more than any other amp does. the sounds can be whatever you want, which is the beauty of it, the distortion can get close to the jcm 800, which is my personal fav for distortion. the clean can get real clean or gritty, just whatever to suit your taste.


General Comments

i have been playing for 7 years and i have been in several bands. i have owned and played a vast variety of amps and this one combined with other gear that i have is the only one that i have been able to come close to getting the sounds that i am looking for live. we as guitar players will never actually be satisfied with our live rig because live rigs do not sound like the sounds that you get in the studio. you must find that conbination that works for you.

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