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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

The monkey is a low to medium gain OD pedal suitable for bluesy lead and rhythm tones. It has a noticeable midrange voicing that is similar to the tubescreamer but is less nasal and more useful with a wider variety of guitars and amps. The distortion quality is VERY smooth and does not suffer from any fuzzy, buzzy, gritty, spitty, transistorized weirdness at any point from the initial pick attack to complete decay to silence. The gain knob produces useful tones at both ends from almost no grit to singing blues leads. The eq is very useful and different then most OD pedals. Both the treble and bass knobs CUT their respective frequencies when left of noon and BOOST when turned right. Also the bass knob seems to add a fair amount of gain when boosted. I hear some bass rolloff when its kicked on and boosting the bass doesn't really get it back. As someone else pointed out the "Bass" knob is really more of a "low mid" knob and does fatten up the tone but it gets a little tubby after a certain point. The treble boost is useful even up to max and unlike most Boss OD's you will find yourself adding treble because of the smooth nature of the sound. The volume knob has ALOT of available gain so you can easily use this pedal as a booster with the gain down and the volume up. Lastly the damn thing is quiet even at max gain.


Appears to be "strong, like bull". Similar construction to Boss units. Heavy enough to stop a drunken marine rushing the stage.

General Comments

Overall I consider the pedal to be very musical. By that I mean it produces a wide range of musically useful and pleasant shades of overdrive with a well voiced mid range emphasis. If it has a drawback it may be that it is TOO smooth and lacks the rough edges that some players prefer. However, for blues and other styles where you want a lower gain thick smooth tone for rhythm or leads this pedal is the real deal. A bargain at any price.

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