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Sound Quality

Now who the heck is stupid enough to think he's going to spend $900.-ish and get all the glory of a plethora of Marshall amps? ME!!! It's quiet, it's midi, it's got all you'd need....if you like fake approximations! Heck, I get more gain when I squeeze my cat! In my opinion the sound is worse than the whole Valvestate concept. It sounds like the 12AX7 preamp tube is trying its damnedest to warm up what really is nothing more than tone circuitry, meaning, that every program is just a tone chip, and that the tube really has nothing to do with the sound. "A 12AX7 does not a Marshall make".


Whelp, I once dropped a 4x12 cab down a flight of stairs and it was fine. I doubt this preamp could handle the same!

General Comments

This is the biggest piece of crap Marshall ever put on the market. Anyone with an ear for that real Marshall tone, in any of it's incarnations, is bound to agree. I spent three entire evenings playing with this thing, trying to convince myself that it was MY ear that sucked, thinking Marshall couldn't possibly make such crap. Turns out Marshall made suckdom history! Think about it; if a real Marshall stack can cost roughly $1500 or more, what makes us think they'll give us ALL the Marshalls of the past and present in one box for so little? Good thing my local music shop had a 7 day return policy or I'da been screwed outa almost a grand!!!

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