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Sound Quality

I have used this for a few years with a Fender Jazz Deluxe 5 string, a fretless Jazz and a Tobias 6 string through an Eden World Tour 800 with peavy and swr cabinets. The pedal is very quiet both on and off, but it doesn't have enough depth to it. It sounds weak. It sounds good if you're looking for a real light chorus, but if you're looking for that deep Jaco purrr, this pedal isn't for you. I always use this pedal in stereo.


It's rock solid. I've had it for years and I bought it used, it hasn't had any problems yet. I've never used a back up (partly just because I'm cheap).

General Comments

It's a decent pedal. I'm looking for a new chorus, but when I get one I will definitely keep this one as a back up. If you can get one as cheap as I did, don't hesitate to buy it. Like I said earlier, It just doesn't have enough depth. It just doesn't sound fat enough for my taste.

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