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Sound Quality

Words don't do justice, it's like trying to describing the sound of ocean waves beating on an Australian beach. Or the sound of a 911 Porsche racing down the road.


Well, I got mine used. It's in excellent shape. Since they were discontinued in 1999, I'd have to say it's built like a rock. It definately feels solid.

General Comments

I just got this processor from Ebay a week ago. It is utterly amazing, and has lived up

to the last time I messed with one of these beauties. If you can get your hands on

one, do it and don't look back. This processor works well with all styles of music and

has a wide range of applications. (It's not just a guitarists toy, drummers, singingers

and keyboard can appreciate its DSP abilities).


Very good processor. Wonder why ART decided to stop making them.

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