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Sound Quality

The usual tone comments apply - it's fizzy and sounds quite dated - but then again it's perfect for practising or warming up before a gig! At the end of the day, it's a little black box o' tricks and it sounds like one. I'm sure it'll be good enough for most people for practising, but I'd personally never gig with it or record with it cos there's simply better stuff around these days.


There seems to be an inherent problem with the design of these things in that they always seem to fail after a few years with the same fault - no ouput apart from metronome. The solution for this fault is to replace the ICL7660 (Surface mount) negative voltage generator that supplies the preamp, along with it's surrounding caps. In total this repair costs around £2-3 in parts and takes about 10minutes to complete with the right tools! Also, the battery packs are useless. Replace this with 4 AA rechargable cells connected + - + - etc, and hold them together with gaffer tape. Job done.

General Comments

It may have once been an expensive bit of kit, but these days it's not a patch on whats available. However, if you can get one cheap then it's a great thing to have in your gig-bag as a useful tool - even if you only ever use it as a tuner or metronome!

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