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Sound Quality

I am using either a Dime33(with dime pickup) or ESP Explorer (EMG HZ) through a Shure UHF Wireless-1964 Crybaby-DOD Death Metal-BOSS MetalZone-BOSS SuperOverdrive-BOSS 7bandeq-BOSS Noise surpressor all powered by a Furman Stereo Pedal Board. The signal is split between my Randall Warhead halfstack and my CrateGFX65 + EV2x12. Great for adding mids for screaming leads or for cutting mids for mega-grind


BOSS is by far the best name in the pedal business...i do gig without a backup and think nothing of it.

General Comments

I have been playing metal for 5 years and this pedal is essential for obtaining either super scooped mids or a very screaming lead sound.

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