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Sound Quality


General Comments

I'd just like to make a technical correction to my previous review and provide an update. First, the correction: The price in the previous review says I paid $1200 for the guitar, "roughly used." That was supposed to read that I paid "roughly $1200" (probably closer to $1250) and that the guitar was used. The guitar is actually in pristine condition, and it does not appear to have ever been "roughly used."


The update: I had the action lowered a bit to make the guitar more playable for me. The adjustment accomplished this goal, and didn't seem to alter the sound much (except perhaps reducing the bass a small amount). Nevertheless, having lived with this guitar for about 8 months now, I have a feeling that it just isn't for me. I want a guitar that has lots of brightness and "chime." The 7-series Taylors just don't seem to have that (and I've played several others, just to make sure). This guitar's tone could be described as "rich, "woody" and "bassy," but not "bright." As such, I expect that I will sell this one and look into some of the other models with more brightness (such as the 5 and 6 series guitars). I heard Pat Kirtley play a 514-C at a recent clinic, and it had the sound I am looking for, so it will probably be a top contender. Meanwhile, my current 714 should make a good companion for someone looking for a richer, less bright acoustic tone.

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