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Sound Quality

When i've played the guitar in the shop it sounded wonderfull! balanced tone, good bases, rich and full sound! I prefered its sound over the sound of other Tacoma guitars! I played guitars that cost twice as the cort, and not even close at the sound! I bought it, asked for a NEW guitar, and got a guitar right from the box. when i took it home it had POOR sound! the sound was to bright to my taste! yuck...! So, anyway, i've talked to some people and they told me that on solid guitar tops it can take some weeks/monthes for the guitar to "open" and reach its full potential. anyway, today, after a few months of playing i can tell you these: 1) The cort is very loud! It can fill a room just like a piano! 2) The guitar is very balanced! full rich sound! great mid-tone! 3) The tone is just bright! just fine! for conclusion, i can say that i haven't played a guitar that cost less than 500$ and sound so loud, rich and full! As for the Fishman electronics - PERFECT.



General Comments

Well, i surely recommend this guitar! its great sound, its beauty are all touched me!

Of course, i've played better guitars than that one, but all cost at least twice than the cort!

I think that you can buy this one with your eyes closed!

Reviewer's Background

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