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Sound Quality

i use a gordon-smith sg> ds1>phaser/flanger>50top head. i play heavy dirt-rock (sabbath/stooges). i like to keep it simple and play loud. i bought this pedal cos i love my ds1 so much, i figured boss are pretty much the business. im afraid i found this pedal pretty dissappointing, especially after i tried a danelectro hash-browns and compared the two. i dig phase more than flange really, but this pedal dissappoints on two levels: it colours your sound , and its very processed-sounding.


totally relaible, it's a boss.

General Comments

i guess it depends what you are after, and if nu-metal is your thing then this probably is a decent flanger. i just found it really sterile sounding, with a nasty metallic edge. i'm looking for smooth analogue swoosh sounds (which i have found with my old Ross phaser), and this just doesnt cut it. i tried a boss phaser too, and i have the same complaints about it too. even my £20 dano flanger sounds better than this!!! i suggest you shop around before going for this pedal, it just wasnt for me.

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