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Sound Quality

Oh am I going to have a rant! Lousy, absolutely lousy. There are one or two redeeming factors but in comparison to similarly priced units it has the worst 'real-life' signal-to-noise ratios i've yet to come across. If you use any amount of distortion you HAVE to use the noise gate, which is a real shame. I've tried it through dozens of amps and it prefers solid state ones; it's 'favourite' was a mosfet PA head! In short, Good= noise gate, parametric EQ, Reverb, 6 voice chorus (v.cool) (once you've waded through the params) Bad=distortions (only 3 and they are all thin), compressor (lots of it but over noisy) delay, phaser, flanger, wah (ahhrrrgh take it away) everything else is about average. Overall it's just an inherrently weak sound, also a spectrum analysis showed that it rolled off the bass response of whatever you plugged into it on the way through!!!! Not good, very not good.


Bar the plastic sides falling off when you first get it (a bit of a decent glue solves that) there is one serious problem. It can't stand dust. It gets into the footswitches and pushbuttons and before you know it they just stop working. You can get a tech to replace the footswitches with dustproof ones but it costs money, however there is nothing to be done for the pushbuttons, you just have to hit em really hard, wiggle em or whatever. I've had this happen in the middle of a gig before now and it seriously annoyed me.

General Comments

I play lead guitar in thrash metal band VERM (www.verm.freeserve.co.uk) and bought this as my first serious piece of fx kit some 5 years ago. The only thing that has stopped me ditching it is that no-one has invented a floor unit I like up until now... (Boss GT-5 ??)


If it were stolen? I'd pity the thief and go buy something else, anything else. Bluntly? It's rubbish. I bought it because of the advertising and because it looked cool. There is a lot of intelligent design gone into this but at the end of the day it's what it sounds like that counts, and it sounds RUBBISH!


I'm going to give it a ridiculously low score, simply because it has given me blisters on the ends of my fingers trying to get a decent sound out of it.

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