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Sound Quality

The sound is Horrible, yes, i mean horrible. I have all these crappy noises coming out of my amp. It picks up radio signal and makes these poping noises and hissing. GODDAMN i can't stand it. Yes, it mattrs what amp i use with it, but a peavey minx 110 sux. The effects are ok but the interfence and hissing are HORRID!!!


First of all, I would never use it at a gig with all those frekin crap noises coming out of it. So i can pretty much say it is the most unreliable thing I own

General Comments

Well, All i can say is that the effects work and yes, there are plenty of good sounding effects in this pedal, it is just the noise and crap that i hate. Sometimes if i plug it in upside down the noise goes away, but i had to give this pedal a scathing review because it has givin me lot o crappy noise

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