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Sound Quality

I play primarily in a classic rock cover band, and leave the master volume and tone controls wide open, with the pickup knob in the middle (on 5), selecting both pickups. I use this bass either with a Peavey Combo 300 amp or an old Yamaha B-100 III stack, and it does a good job, although if you select the rear (jazz) pickup by itself you do get quite a bit of hum and noise. I've noticed that the shielding in the control cavity is almost non-existant, and shielding would probably help. Although not very versitile in sounds, the bass has a good "Fender-like" sound.


As most 4 bolt neck Fenders this is a workhorse. You can throw it around and beat on it like an old Precision, but I've found it to be very reliable, which is good because I rarely take a back-up instrument on gigs. (Works for me---in 30 years of live playing I've broken one string and had no other instrument break-downs.)


General Comments

The MB-4's light weight makes it perfect for what I'm doing right now.

I really like the light-weight, and it looks and sounds like an expensive instrument. If it were stolen or lost, well, if I found

a great deal on another one I'd buy it, but I really like to go

econo(cheap) on equipment so I'd probably not be able to find one.

By the way, I've been playing bass for 30 years and have NEVER paid

over $300.00 for an intrument. Basses I've owned in the past include

Fender Jazzes, Precisions, Telecasters, A Hagstrom 8-string, a Rickenbacker 4003 & a 4005, various Gibsons including two EB-0s, a

Grabber, a '64 Thunderbird with a repaired headstock (radiator clamp

on it), and a Ripper.


Reviewer's Background

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