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epiphone SG-310 "Hi-Performance" Electric Guitar Pack with Valve Junior Amp

Sound Quality

This guitar suits my music style perfect. I have been playing acoustic guitar for years and this is my first electric. It sounds good with no matter waht amount of gain you run through it and is has a very full sound to it. I am running this through either an old Pignose 40/60 or a mesa boogie blue voodo it sounds great with either of them.


I haven't played live with this guitar yet but i have faith that it will hold up just fine. I have a pair of grover tunning pegs that I may throw on it just to use them.


General Comments

I have been playing Bass and Acuostic guitar for about 12 years. So like many of you, I'm sure you know a good deal from a bad one. This is my first electric guitar and it seems to be of great quality both sound-wise and the durablilty of it, and for the price I picked it up for, it's awesome! If this guitar was stolen, I most likely would try to purchase another one. The feature I wish it had was dual humbuckers, but that would have changed the price dramatically so who knows what the review would have been then? The 2 things that I most like about it, is the finish and just the overall apperance of it. I'm very satisfied with overall.

Reviewer's Background

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