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PRS Dave Navarro Signature Model Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I use it for a little bit of everything, from jamming with a jazz band to some metal. You can hear it shine through from the smallest solid state practice combo to the biggest Marshall stack (I run it though a Marshall TSL60). It works well with a tubescreamer/blues driver sort of boost up front. With the volume knob all the way up, the sound is full, bright, and lively. Not quite death metal or blues, but definitly all sorts of rock. Turn the volume down, and switch to the Vintage bass in the neck, and you can get all sorts of jazzy and bluesy tones, full of body and bass, with a very rounded mellow tone. With the push/pull out, you can pull pretty funky, almost strat like single coil tones from it with ease.


The PRS Navarro feels extreamly soild, and the hardwear seems like it will last a lifetime. The paint seems pretty solid and durable. My only gripe here is that, while the strap buttons are quite large, the flanges are close to the body, and I had to fit Sperzel strap locks to fit my thick leather strap. Then again, it depends on your preference. I would use it at any gig without a backup.


General Comments

Ive been playing guitar for seven years, and this is my first real investment-level guitar. It totally destroys almost any other guitar ive played quality wise, and the tone covers lots of ground. PRS is one of the only companys I would trust to buy a guitar sight unseen, and for good reason. This guitar is put together solidly. If it were lost or stolen, I wouldnt mind going to jail to get it back and get even with whoever took it. The tones you can get out of this thing are varied, and above all, the unique whitefinsh makes it look stunning, even more so under stage lights. The price is a bit steep, but from the minute you pick it up you know its worth it. The neck heel that gets so much attention is a non-issue, as hitting the 24th fret requires almost no effort at all. All around a great axe.

Reviewer's Background

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