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Jackson Christian Olde Wolbers Signature Dinky

Sound Quality

This guitar sounds incredible. Usually I am not a fan of EMG's, ive had them on a few guitars and wasnt too impressed with them tonally. On this guitar they sound great. Very lively, not sterile at all but robust. Im using this with a Peavey 6505+ stack and i can get the most brutal searing gain sound imaginable with this guitar. Palm mutes are thick and punchy and pinch harmonics are a cinch to get anywhere on the fretboard. The cleans are good, even though i dont really go for the tone of a bridge humbucker clean. I thought feedback would be a problem with this guitar and the amp i have, actually i was very suprised to find that i get very little unwanted feedback.


Ive only had it for a week. It is however very well made, and was built with good solid materials and a very good design. I dont forsee any problems.


General Comments

I bought this guitar because of its utter simplicity. It has all of the featuers i need and none of the other feaures that distract me when im playing. Its made to do one thing and it does that perfectly.


I also bought it because it was a well built and well excecuted design. The pop out battery compartment, big wide thick neck and extra large fretwire were both features i wanted to see on a guitar but havent. This thing plays like a dream, solos are a breeze. And because of its light weight (5-6 lbs) and thick neck it dosent fatuige me as much as the other guitars ive owned.


Also this thing is asthetically intimidating. From its all black paintjob, hardware and fretboard to that big ol' reverse hook-sombody-in-the-jibs headstock, it looks like a weapon. Makes you want to rock harder, play faster and be meaner onstage.

Reviewer's Background

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