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Sound Quality

I'm using a Kramer with a Floyd Rose and a Dimarzio Double Whammy pickup. The GE-7 gives a bit of hiss but you only notice this when not actually playing. I use it in conjunction with a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone. NOTE: I hear a lot of advice on the Web saying to use the GE-7 after the distortion box but I do the opposite (Please see my settings below). All this goes into a Marshall JCM-800 100W head with an old KMD (Celestion-loaded) cabinet.


I hasn't broken yet. C'mon, it's a Boss!

General Comments

I primarily play 80's-style metal and I prefer a clean, defined style of overdrive. I have sludge and the GE-7 is just the thing to cut sludge and give you some great definition. Forget about the "V" shape you hear so much about. That gives way too much slur. Here's how to get a great tone and feel by using the GE-7 with a Boss Metal Zone:


Go into the GE-7 EQ FIRST. I've read advice on the Web to the contrary, but make the GE-7 the FIRST pedal between the guitar and amp. The sliders are set as follows from left to right:

100 - FLAT (ZERO position)

200 - Centered on the second notch BELOW flat (One notch above -15)

400 - Centered on the first notch ABOVE flat

800 - Centered on the first notch BELOW +15

1.6k - FLAT (ZERO position)

3.2k - FLAT (ZERO position)

6.4k - Centered on the first notch BELOW flat

LEVEL (IMPORTANT) Leave the LEVEL (Far-Right) slider control FLAT. There will be a degree of hiss involved with deliberately boosting it!

Next, go into the Metal Zone with these settings:

LEVEL - Your choice (This is for volume, obviously)

HIGH and LOW (Inner and Outer ring, respectively):

both at 12:00 (Straight up)

MIDDLE and MID FREQ: Middle (Inner ring) all the way OFF. Mid Freq. at about 1:00 to 1:30



I encourage anyone to try these settings with any decent TUBE amp.

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