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Sound Quality

I have a variety of Fender guitars with lots of Seymour Duncan replacement pickups (Little 59s and APS) as well as several vintage pickups. This preamp magically brings out hidden tones in every pickup I've plugged into it. From Tele to Strat to Les Paul, this preamp makes everything sound good provided you like that special sound character Marshall puts into every product. I restored the 25 factory presets and that really brought this beast to life. You can printout the presets from the PDF at the Marshall web site. At first the controls did not look like they would have enough resolution but after experimenting a little I discovered they are more than adequate. I've been able to get everything from crystal clear Fender amp tone all the way to full shred (requires a humbucking for max metal tone). Why did I wait so long to get one of these? I don't know but I'm glad I have it now!


No problems so far. Seems well built.

General Comments

I'm 50 and I've been playing since I was 10. I've owned over 20 Marshall heads, several Hiwatts and a Boogie or two. I play rock and blues. This preamp is very good sounding, easy to use and lots of fun. Now that they're cheap on ebay, I'm gonna get a second one for my road rack.

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