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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Awesome This is my setup Epiphone SG Vintage (not the standard model real nice, inexpensive guitar) into Korg DT10 tuner -> Crybaby 535Q -> DOD FX40B Eq pedal -> Bad Monkey into a Marshall DSL50 thru a Hotplate attenuator into a 1960AV cab with vintage 30s I really like this pedal, its got a great sound which is not heavily saturated so you can still hear the individual notes of chords coming thru. I generally run the amp on clean and the Bad Monkey with the gain at full and level at half with the bass and treble slightly boosted. I can get a lovely, buttery ACDC shook me all night long esque tone or run the level up into the amp with both pickups and get an eric clapton blues breakers sound or even a SRV sound. The pedal is versatile to a point, it wont do heavy metal however I found that by running it through the classic gain channel of the DSL with the the gain full and level halfway its really meaty. If you've got a good setup to begin with its difficult to not get a good sound out of it, its never buzzy or harsh and i rarely turn it off now, nothing gets a 10 however its really a 9.5


Nice solid metal body, switch seems tough im pretty gentle with my gear I would depend on it

General Comments

This pedal is a fantastic bit of gear and for the price I dont think you can match it, the tone is great its easy to use and I get laughs out of my mates when i tell them its called 'Bad Monkey', I'm tempted to but another before digitech cons on to wat great pedal it is and pushes the price up. Dont be ignorant and elitist, go try one out with a good setup and you'll be very happy

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