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Sound Quality

I've been playing for two years with my MD-2 which is horrible. But after buying this, I was finally able to get an acceptable sound. This thing rocks. I've used it with an MT-2 also, with great results. The only real problem is the noise I get when boosting Mids. But I get none with a scooped setting, as the High and low sliders don't seem to make any noise at all. Besides that, this thing is now essential to me. I feel I can turn my sound into anything with it. I've even been able to emulate all those weird sounds from different bands (like Strung Out's Mephisto; the part where the guitar breaks and sounds more middle-ish). I can't play guitar without this now. I don't know about other EQs, but this one works great. The effect is more pronounced after a distortion pedal, but it can give me a clean sound I love also. It doesn't do much going into an amp's overdrive, but after any kind of distortion it's great. My favorite setting is a 'w'. It's actually pretty much a 'V' but with the middle slider boosted slightly over its two neighbouring ones (about +5 from them). The two leftest sliders seem to control bass while the rightest one controls the really metal-y usable treble. By the way, if you do want to get a metal tone, don't do like me and assume the two rightest sliders will control treble like the two left do for bass; that 6th slider can really mean the difference between a rock tone and a metal tone if you tweak it right.


The white caps come off pretty easily, but the rest is great.

General Comments

I can't play without this thing. I have an ESP LTD EC-100 going through an MD2,

this and my friend's Peavey bass amp and it turns almost everything that sounded

crappy about my setup into something at least acceptable. My MD-2 still can't give

me the leads I'd like (even though they're better), but I now have a very

heavy and playable rythm. A must-have, especially if your amp's EQ is weak or if

your dist pedal has no mid control.



A neat trick:


You can actually use this little thing to turn your amp into a third speaker

or even subwoofer when using your CD-ROM to play CDs. The only extra thing

you'll need is a small adapter/converter (headphone jack to patch cord or

vice versa, just buy both to be sure) that you can find at Walmart or Radioshack

for 3 bucks or so. When you do get it, just plug it into the headphone jack in front

of your CD-ROM player and plug the patch cord into that adapter, leading to your

GE-7. You can then add whatever other pedals you'd like (with some possibly hilarious results) and

patch cord it all into your amp as usual. Then boot up your computer in Windows,

and use your CD-ROM drive buttons to play a CD (not the Windows CD player). Windows

should send the music to your normal speakers, and the CDROM will send its output

to your GE-7 and amp. Then, tune your pedals as you wish. Congratulations! You just

got a new speaker for free.


i.e. I run the CD output through my MD-2 (dist knobs both far left, treble high and

bass used to control the main bass level) then through my GE-7 (use the

three leftest controls to control bass level definition, put them higher than

everything else) and then into my friend's Peavey Microbass amp (Low=full, Mid=

middle, High=middle). The MD-2 gives a huge bass boost (only thing it's good for)

and the GE-7 is used to define the sound and get rid of the CD-ROM's crummy output

as well as add bass. Now I have a free subwoofer. Take that, Logitech!

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