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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Well ive been playin for 12 years now (im 26) & ive ownd tons of 'Overdrive' pedals such as: TS-9's/SD-1's/WYLDE's MXR & THE VOX BIG BEN. I playd them all thru my Marshall 100watt Valvestate with 5x12" Celestion speakers in a cab!! Out of all the pedals that shone the brightest it was the Digitech Bad Monkey EVERY TIME!! ITS THE BEST 'TUBE-EMULATION' PEDAL THERE IS OUT THERE!! With incredible sustain and its amazing depth in tone = PERFECT! Add it to your amps overdrive & you will get BLACK SABBATH/ SLASH/ZAKK WYLDE/S.T.P. & JERRY CANTREL of A.I.C.(RIP) (it even does that Nirvana Raarrhhhh too!) And with the superb controlled feedback that would put a smile on Hendrix's & Page's face any day... \m/(-_-)\m/ This pedal (IMHO!) is the Holy grail of Overdrive boxes!! Forget all the 'vintage' hype'n'stuff - BUY THIS BAD MONKEY NOW... For Blues,Grunge & Heavy Rock this pedal's got your ass coverd!! And for £29 you cant go wrong. Peace out man. :) (id give it a 10 but nothing in life is a 10!)


As strong as an OX, Cos its made out of steel dudes! LOL :)

General Comments

Man i love so much music but its mostly Grungy Rock,and this pedal just does nothing but inspire me to play even more so from my soul.

Peter Greens sound is to die for in my books & this lil monkey helps me get into 'The Zone' lol...

I cant see how someone could NOT LIKE this Bad boy - Full Stop!!

Let there be rock my friends.... ROCK!!! \m/(-_-)\m/

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